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All Ambrosio Martin Art Collection and George Gramatikos Designs,Renderings, and original art works are Protected by the Copyright Laws of the U.S.A. Government and have been granted these protections. Copyright 1995 -2004, Ambrosio Martin Art Collection of Old Cuba, All Rights Reserved. Y Pico Brand Name Clocks and It's A Cuban Thing, El Griego are Trademarks of Ambrosio Martin Art Collection of Old Cuba. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Online prices may reflect price increases or decreases not shown in our current product brochure.

Our Copyright Notice


    Before you download anything from this site or make copies from our prints , make sure that you are familiar with the copyright issues discussed below: There has to be a line drawn between "receiving inspiration" and "taking without permission" from a web site. The instant that you have right-clicked, viewed the source, taken a screen capture or use the "copy" or "save file as" command, you know that you have crossed the line.

1. Any of the images found in our Gallery sections that bear our own artistic renditions are not public domain images and cannot be used on any page that you create. They can not be downloaded and then reposed in another image collection somewhere else on the net (or off the net including CD-ROMs or otherwise).

2. Any TradeMark images CAN NOT be taken from this site. These images are under Copyright and/or Trademark protection and are for our own commerce use. This includes downloading the image directly, taking a screen capture of the image, or any other way of purposely placing it on your hard drive.

3. Any artwork found on any of the other web sites or in hardcopy that we have designed are also under copyright and can't be reproduced

4. Modifying any artwork of George Gramatikos (El Griego)/Ambrosio Martin Art Collection of Old Cuba is also prohibited. You can not download any copyrighted artwork and/or renditions created by George Gramatikos (El Griego). The fact that is was taken from the site violates this copyright notice. No matter how much you modify the image, it's still our original Idea/Creation and is still illegal to use. We have spent years designing this site's content and it's not to be taken or re-posted no matter how much you change it. Our Prints/Subject matters are internationally known and watermaked are not to be copied for re-sale.

5. You can be fined up to $1,000 per image that is stolen from this site or for any print replication. Whether you have modified the original or not. This is a very serious matter and not to be taken lightly. Our images are protected by Digimarc and by downloading the copyrighted images for the intent of modifying or re-posting them, you agree to these terms. If you know of a site that is using our copyrighted images, please notify us immediately. If there are copyrighted prints on the site that you would like to have, we provide a secure shopping cart.


Featured Art Work


Title: Social 1927

Title: Georgie Girl , 1910 Cuba

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